We ran 180 cultural events in person, involving 10,795 audience members.

Over 5,000 people joined us online for our live broadcast events.

2,607 people attended outdoor guided tours.

We commissioned 81 speakers or contributors for our online and in person events.

We made projects happen within 38 partnerships with cultural, community and other organisations.

117 people participated in our advisory working groups and local action groups.

We led 371 creative workshops with 61 artists and makers.

In Europe with our 8 partner cities we attended 68 meetings.

39,815 people attended guided tours of 14 Henrietta Street.

(Due to Covid Restrictions, these indoor tours ran with significantly reduced capacity for 5 months of the year)

We organised 4 Fairs at Richmond Barracks, highlighting the work of over 120 local enterprises and creatives which were attended by 11,463 people.

We led introductions to culture across 142 events with 2162 new cultural audiences.

We made cultural projects with 5,582 people.

We won 1 global award for our work in cultural access and cultural rights.

We had an average digital reach of approximately 250,000 per month, and 377,012 visitors to our websites and over 40,000 social media followers across our platforms.

We recorded 73 features or items of coverage of our programmes and buildings in the press across print, radio and digital media, including local, national and international press.