Cookie Policy

When you visit our website

Our system will log your IP address along with other information provided by your browser. This may include the name and version of the browser you are using, your operating system and any website address that referred you to our website. This information will only be used for producing anonymous website statistics and will be used to help us deliver the services on the website. Our system will record personal information if you:

  • Provide information by filling in a form on our site
  • Subscribe to or register for services that require personal information to be given
  • Report a problem and give your contact details for us to respond
  • Complete surveys that we use for research purposes

When you visit our website pages, a small text file called a 'cookie', is downloaded onto your computer. This is called a session cookie. This will only remain on your computer until you close your browser. This cookie is not used to identify you personally in any way. We will use it to collect aggregated website statistics that allow us to understand how visitors use our site.

All of the information collected will be anonymous and only used to help us improve the website and report to funders and stakeholders on how it is used.

A persistent cookie will be downloaded when you first visit the site. These remain in your browsers cookie store between sessions. This type of cookie will allow us to identify repeat visitors to the site. You may opt to view the site without cookies by adjusting your browser's settings. If you do disable cookies some functions of the site may no longer work correctly. For more information on cookies see the All About Cookies website.