Leadership Team

The Leadership Team, CEO Iseult Dunne, and departmental Directors Linda Devlin, Tracy Geraghty and Ciara O’Dowd, are responsible for delivering the vision and mission of the Company aligned with the Company Strategy together with their respective teams. The Leadership Team's role is to ensure that the Company is organised and structured to deliver its objectives through strategic and creative leadership in the areas of programme, accessibility, financial and operational management and governance, people management, advocacy and communications. The Leadership Team work together with their teams to shape and implement programmes that fully engage the people of Dublin to ensure the Company is consistently reaching new audiences and participants for cultural experiences across the City.

Iseult Dunne

Director of Creative Engagement
Linda Devlin

Director of Strategic Development and Research
Tracy Geraghty

Director of Finance
Ciara O'Dowd


Department of LISTENING

The Engagement department actively listens to and values what the people of Dublin feel about their city and their cultural experiences. The Engagement team continuously talks with communities and people across the city to learn and understand what matters to them. We open up new ways for people to access cultural activities more easily and confidently in order to develop and expand their cultural habits. The department works closely with the Creative Engagement, Visitor Experience and Project Development teams to ensure what we learn is the foundation stone of our activities and programmes.

Head of Engagement
Laura Keogh

Engagement Coordinator
Tracey Bardon

Engagement Coordinator
Christine Flynn

Engagement Coordinator
Eva Griffin

Engagement Coordinator
Emma Hodges

Engagement Coordinator
Ciarán Lynam

Culture Connects Programme Coordinator
Sinéad White

Engagement Coordinator
Katalin Varnyu

Creative Engagement

Department of MAKING

The Creative Engagement department creates ways for people in Dublin to see, try out and make culture together, based on their wishes, experiences and stories. The Creative Engagement team responds to what we learn from listening to ensure all of our programmes are relevant. We aim to build capacity so that people can build culture into their everyday lives. We collaborate with a wide range of people, artists, historians, makers, and cultural partners, to test new approaches and ensure our programmes reflect culture in all its forms. The department works closely with all teams across the company, but in particular with the Engagement team to build relationships with interested individuals and groups; with the Learning team to record our work and methods, evaluate outcomes and inform future work; and the Visitor Experience team in the delivery of programmes in our cultural buildings.

Head of Creative Engagement
Catherine O'Donnell

Social Historian
Donal Fallon

Education Manager
Dervilia Roche

Programme Manager
Laura Howe

Festival Marketing and Marketing Manager
Sree Sen

Creative Engagement Programme Lead
Evan Musgrave

Creative Engagement Programme Lead
Heather MacLeod

Artists in Residence:

Arts and Crafts: Niki Collier
Eco Gardener in Residence:
Polly Rowley-Sams
Movement and Dance: Mia DiChiaro and Philippa Donnellan
Singing: Michael McCartan

Dublin City Historians in Residence:

Dublin North Central: Katie Blackwood
Dublin Central: Elizabeth Kehoe
Dublin South East: Cormac Moore
Dublin North West: Mary Muldowney
Dublin South Central: Catherine Scuffil
Historian in Residence for Children: Dervilia Roche

Visitor Experience

Department of GOING

The Visitor Experience department supports the smooth running of all events and activities for 14 Henrietta Street and Richmond Barracks including event planning, resource management and facilitation. The Visitor Experience team manages front-of-house operations and tours with its primary focus on providing a welcoming environment whilst ensuring the highest level of customer service for all who visit and engage with the Culture Company (visitors, artists, audiences, venue hires, team members, local community etc.) both online and in person. Collaboration is a key aspect of the department's work, as the department works with all of the Culture Company teams to help maintain a safe and inclusive environment for everyone engaging with the cultural sites and programmes.

Head of Visitor Experience and Audience Services
Pauline Swaine

Visitor Experience Manager
Olivia Kavanagh

Venue Project Lead - Richmond Barracks
Anna McGlynn White

Visitor Experience Coordinator
Alisha Boyle

Visitor Experience Coordinator
Johannah Ward

Visitor Experience Coordinator - Richmond Barracks
Céline Charvieux

Visitor Experience Assistants
Laura Keegan
Katie Leach
Marianne Roche

Tour Guide Team (14 Henrietta Street / Richmond Barracks)

Senior Tour Guides
Alice Brady, Frank Cullen, Sean Deegan, Frank Flanagan, Declan Gannon, Pat Garry, Gus Keating, Justine Murphy, Sheila Robinson, Gillian Ryan, Fergus Whelan.

Tour Guides

Tadhg Carey, Lloyd Cooney, Alvean Jones, Elizabeth Kehoe, Ruairí Keogh, Brendan McEvoy.

Development and Research

Department of LEARNING

The Development and Research department learns from everything we hear across all our programmes and data projects to find strategic impact through experimentation, capacity building and creating the foundations for long-term effects in cultural access with partnerships and programmes. The Development and Research team gathers data from all of the Company’s programmes, keeps up to date with relevant policies at national and international levels and uses this knowledge to inform future strategic development, partnerships and advocacy opportunities. The department works closely with all departments to ensure we listen, learn and try new ways of working as well as sharing what we’ve learnt with local, national and international partners.

Research and Development Manager

Partnership and Advisory Groups

Cultural Audit and Map Administrator
Claire Duggan


Department of SHARING

The Communications department is responsible for helping people find out about, and understand, what we do and why we do it. The Communications team manages our websites, newsletters and online presences, our project documentation and our publications to reach new audiences and participants for cultural experiences. The department works closely with all programmes and sections across the Culture Company to support the communication and development needs of each project and programme, as well as the company as a whole.

Head of Communications, Marketing and Audience Development
Darragh Doyle

Communications Manager
Melanie May

Communications Coordinator
Oliver Deane

Communications Coordinator
Sinéad Dunne

Cultural Spaces

Department of FACILITATING

The Cultural Spaces department ensures that we think of our spaces not just as empty rooms but as cultural spaces ripe with potential and possibility for connecting everything and everyone. The Cultural Spaces team collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders making our spaces available for other organisations to hire and make use of to host events and showcase culture in all its forms. They focus on events with cultural and community access at their core. The department works closely with Operations, Visitor Experience, Finance and Communications to ensure the highest standards of accessibility, inclusion and universal design, sustainability, health and safety and compliance are achieved in all of its work.

Head of Cultural Spaces
Aoife Brady

Cultural Spaces Coordinator
Robin Graham

Cultural Spaces Coordinator

Jen Holland


Department of RESOURCING

The Finance department supports all of the company departments to ensure the smooth delivery of programmes in a feasible, sustainable and cost-effective manner. The finance team ensures all staff, artists and contractors as well as suppliers are paid promptly and fairly. They provide accurate and timely information on finances, budget and forecast management to all external and internal stakeholders. The department works closely with the CEO to ensure the ongoing viability of programmes and to support the company’s growth and expansion and with all departments to ensure we listen and support the wide-ranging work of the company at all times.


Department of DOING

The Operations department ensures the smooth running of the company through the creation and implementation of company policies and procedures in all things legal, financial, HR & training, accessibility & inclusion, health & safety, governance, facilities, venue hire, collections & conservation and IT. The Operations team gets the best advice from qualified specialist experts, and we ensure we remain sufficiently trained, to ensure that as a company and team, we do what we need in order to do the best job possible, as safely and responsibly as possible and in as simple and straight-forward a way as possible. The department works closely with all of the other departments to identify current and future requirements for each, as individual departments and within the broader company context, and to ensure that our policies, protocols and practice remain consistently current.

Head of Operations
Jean Hally

General Manager
Helen Hennessey

Collections Manager
Suzanne Freeman

HR and Staff Development Manager
Stacey Pope

Operations Coordinator
Zoë Cooke

Operations Administrator
Emily Donnelly

The Dublin City Tourism Unit

The Dublin City Tourism Unit is the tourism resource for Dublin City Council and is responsible for fostering the equitable development of tourism in our city. The Tourism Team is responsible for tourism strategy, data analysis, tourism project management and representing the city at home and abroad. The unit works closely with the wider Culture Company team and Dublin City Council, Smart Dublin and our regional tourism partners to drive the positive development of tourism across Dublin.

Head of Dublin City Tourism Unit
Barry Rogers

Tourism Innovation Manager
Nollaig Fahy

Tourism Strategy Manager
Mariia Perelygina