We made cultural projects with 10,834 people who live or work in Dubin, getting them involved in co-creating and making opportunities to participate in culture in Dublin.

We led 720 creative workshops with 216 artists and makers in our Creative Residency Programme and National Neighbourhood programmes with DCC partners and the National Cultural Institutions based in Dublin.

We commissioned 98 speakers or contributors for our events as part of the Dublin Festival of History and for talks programmed in the venues that we operate.

We ran 504 cultural events, involving 29,860 audience members.

38,546 people attended guided tours of 14 Henrietta Street Museum.

3,523 people attended outdoor guided tours at 14 Henrietta Street Museum or Richmond Barracks Cultural Centre about history, biodiversity, the city and the local communities.

Alongside sustaining, growing and delivering our own programmes we will continue in 2024 to support the development and delivery of some Dublin City Council cultural programmes, projects and buildings, working closely with a number of sections throughout the council.

We made projects happen within 250 partnerships with cultural, community and other organisations.

We led introductions to culture across 167 events with 2277 new cultural audiences with our programme Culture Club, our programme that brings new cultural audiences to cultural places in Dublin, places and experiences that they have not had before intending to create new audiences for culture in Dublin.

We organised 4 Fairs at Richmond Barracks, highlighting the work of over 120 local vendors and creatives which were attended by 10,239 people.

We facilitated a global Culture Summit for UCLG and Dublin City Council with 496 registered delegates from city administrations, representative international organisations and cultural institutions representing 57 countries.

117 people participated in our advisory working groups which help guide our current and future work.

We had an aggregate digital reach of approximately 2.1 million for the year, with 441,810 websites visitors & over 40,000 social media followers across our platforms.

We recorded 82 features or items of coverage of our programmes and buildings in the press across print, radio and digital media, including local, national and international press.