We connect people and communities through culture and conversation. Cultural experiences and participation has been shown to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing, social relationships, belonging, community cohesion and pride of place. When people feel connected to their communities they feel safer and stronger, and are healthier.

We want to listen, explore and learn about what’s important to the people of Dublin. Through T​ea & Chats a​nd our other conversation based programmes, such as ​Your Tenement Memories ​and O​ur City Our Books​, we have year-round conversations with groups of people across the city about their thoughts and ideas on our city and culture.

These conversations are the foundation of our work. This ongoing consultation process informs the development of our cultural programmes and projects, guides our work and ensures that the people of Dublin remain at the centre of all that we do.

Our vision

A Dublin where culture connects everything and everyone.

Our mission

Connecting people through culture and conversation to ignite imaginations and experiences.