Call Out for Cultural Producers & Cultural Project Managers - NOW CLOSED

We know that great cultural experiences require a lot of work by great people behind the scenes. To help us develop and deliver some great cultural experiences in the coming year, we at Dublin City Council Culture Company are looking to generate a panel of experienced Cultural Producers and Cultural Project Managers.

The ideal candidates will have a strong background in developing and managing cultural projects, with a track record in working with artists and a wider partner network, and will be committed to making projects open and welcoming to a very broad range of participants and audiences.

Our Cultural Producers/Project Managers follow a process of engagement and development within local neighbourhoods, stakeholders, and artists to develop and deliver a range of collaborative projects. As Cultural Producer/ Project Manager, you would be responsible for guiding these projects from conception through to delivery and evaluation.

If this sounds like you and you’re available to work on projects in 2018-2019, we want you!
We wish to pre-select suitably experienced and motivated persons in order to establish a panel of candidates who can be offered these projects for development as they arise. All projects will have the values of Dublin City Council Culture Company at their core. Projects will be made available to the panel for consideration at different times between September and December 2018 and are for development and completion within 2019.


Dublin City Council Culture Company is a new company established to create and deliver cultural initiatives in Dublin City, and to initiate, implement and manage cultural programmes and buildings for the benefit of the citizens of Dublin, locally and citywide. Collaborating with citizens, communities, cultural organisations, businesses, and Dublin City Council itself, the company’s work is focused on embedding cultural experiences and increasing cultural participation throughout Dublin’s neighbourhoods. The Company is governed by a Board, comprising members of the Dublin City Council and Executive, and independent members from the cultural and heritage sector. Please note that Dublin City Council Culture Company offices are in a heritage property with limited accessibility in certain areas.

You can read more about Dublin City Council Culture Company’s vision, mission and values at


Dublin City Council Culture Company runs a series of varied and multi-faceted projects and programmes, which already have a significant track record of impact in communities across the city. The cultural engagement and capacity building projects are delivered by a team of Cultural Producers, Cultural Project Managers, and Engagement Officers whose work informs the content of all communications.

One of our key engagement programmes, within the Dublin’s Culture Connects initiative, is The National Neighbourhood, which connects Dubliners, community groups and artists with the National Cultural Institutions (Abbey Theatre, National Concert Hall, IMMA, Chester Beatty, National Archives of Ireland, National Gallery of Ireland, National Museum of Ireland, the National Library) and the Culture Department of Dublin City Council (Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Dublin, Dublin City Public Libraries & Archive, Dublin City Arts Office and Community Development).

Through The National Neighbourhood, we want Dubliners to know and “own” their city’s cultural resources so we build cultural projects in community settings, connecting artists, groups, and villages with libraries, museums, and creative places to deepen their understanding of each other and themselves.

Other programmes (in development) include artist-led programmes such as Local Heroes and Engage the City and other cultural engagement programmes in the city.

The raw material for all programmes and their development comes from ongoing engagement with Dublin citizens, connecting people through culture and conversation.

You can read more about Dublin City Council Culture Company’s activities within the Dublin’s Culture Connects initiative at



Engagement, Participation & Artistic Development
  • Develop and implement engagement programmes to develop ideas for the project/cultural initiative
  • Build relationships at local level with citizens, community groups, and potential participants
  • Work with artists, creative communities, and local partners alongside the various project stakeholders
  • Work to source and support artists/arts organisations to develop and deliver the co-creative and collaborative project
  • Engage relevant contacts in the general community and artistic community across a wide range of artistic disciplines in the project and its development
  • Work to collect feedback from artists and participants (based on templates that exist and other supporting materials) for the promotion and documentation of the process and evolving project
Project Development
  • Work collaboratively to support, co-design and deliver a project that is innovative and inspirational
  • Be part of a wider team of project managers working to deliver other projects and programmes as part of Dublin City Council Culture Company
  • Contribute to the creative content that will underpin the development of the project
  • Manage, mediate, and engage positively with all the different stakeholders and partners to the project and to Dublin City Council Culture Company
Project Management & Project Delivery
  • Successfully deliver, support and manage the co-created arts/cultural projects including budget management (Budgets range in size from €10,000 to €50,000 depending on the project)
  • Work efficiently and effectively to provide plans, budgets, and reports as required based on agreed timelines and structures
  • Ensure compliance with all financial, contractual, legal, and Health and Safety requirements, ensuring that any resulting event or project takes place within a secure and safe environment
  • Work in line with best practice and Dublin City Council Culture Company policies in relation to Child Protection, Data Protection and other legal requirements. The role includes having a duty of care or responsibility for the safety of community members and artists involved in the project
  • Proactively manage events that are planned as part of the project you are developing including manage programming scheduling, public relations, marketing, ancillary programming as may arise
  • Document and gather qualitative and quantitative evidence throughout the project and contribute to the evaluation as per templates and guidelines provided

  • A minimum of three years relevant experience
  • An ability to demonstrate strong examples from their past experience highlighting their capacity and desire for this role
  • A proven track record in the successful delivery and management of collaborative arts, cultural, community projects
  • Excellent administrative and organisational skills, including experience of cloud-based collaborative tools
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Initiative and a proven record of self-started and delivered activity
  • An interest in arts and culture and the provision of cultural experiences at a local level
  • An understanding of the work of Dublin City Council Culture Company and its ambitions
  • An ability to work as part of a team and with a wide group or participants, partners, stakeholders, and artists
  • An ability to multi-task, remain calm under pressure, and meet tight deadlines
  • A willingness to work flexibly (some events take place at evenings and weekends)


We work with a values-driven approach to projects, programmes and initiatives, and buildings. In line with the object of the new company, the values informing all we do are:

Participation & Engagement

because it makes culture ‘real’, it activates and empowers people (using their imagination and creativity), it connects people together.


to act as a catalyst, bringing different people and organisations together to grow knowledge, empathy, understanding… and respect.


we aim to embed culture in everyday life because culture is central to human development and central to Dublin’s quality of life. We work on themes sourced through engagement.


we access and use skills, experience, and knowledge to build impact, sustainability and quality Into every project.


to develop skills and activate new ways of working that enable everyone to create more cultural opportunities to ensure its continued impact and legacy.


For consideration for inclusion on the Cultural Producer & Project Manager Panel please send:

  • A full CV including the names and contact details of two referees. Referees will not be contacted without advance notice to the candidate.
  • A more detailed outline of relevant previous experience (no more than 3 A4 pages). You should clearly describe how your skills, knowledge and experience match the role outlined.
  • A cover letter, which outlines how you plan to approach this kind of cultural project should you be successful. Candidates should cover all aspects based on the role description while also explaining your motivation and goals to get involved in the work of Dublin City Council Culture Company.

Completed applications should be sent (email only) to with the subject line ‘Dublin City Council Culture Company Cultural Producer Panel’. Queries can also be addressed by email to the CEO.

The maximum value of the contract for service for a project offered to any Cultural Producer/Project Manager on the panel will be €25,000.

Closing date for receipt of Applications is 10th September 2018
Dublin City Council Culture Company will review applications received and establish a panel of suitably qualified Cultural Producers / Cultural Project managers to work in a range of different settings in all areas of the city based on the application content received.

All projects with have the values of Dublin City Council Culture Company at their core and will be made available to the panel for consideration in the coming months to begin before the end of 2018 and for development and completion within 2019.

Dublin City Council Culture Company is an equal opportunity employer. For more information on our Equal Opportunities Policy, please see here.

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We keep several kinds of personal data about our prospective employees so we can manage the recruitment process effectively and efficiently and meet our legal obligations. For more information please see our Privacy Notice for Job Applicants here.


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