Local Heroes will return in 2019 and we are looking forward to meeting a new batch of Local Heroes through a live nomination process, and this is where you come in.

Is there someone making an impact in your local community?
Someone exceptional, inspiring?
Someone working tirelessly, in a big or small way, to contribute to the unique character of the city?
We want to hear about them.

Our team, some of our 2018 artists and heroes, will review all of the nominations received and we will select a number of heroes to honour in 2019. These heroes will then be paired with an artist, selected through an open call, to connect through culture and conversation. The result, a brand new artwork created especially for the hero.

And now we want to hear from you…

What is Local Heroes?

Local Heroes is a project, created by Dublin City Council Culture Company that aims to, through art, shine a light on some of the people who play such a vital role in the community where they live. Seven artists, including dancers, musicians, poets, animators, and photographers, were commissioned to create “portraits” of 21 extraordinary Dubliners, people who have made a big impact on their local communities.

In 2018 the artists spent 6 months meeting, chatting with, listened to and laughing with their heroes in a bid to capture their essence in bespoke artworks. Their portraits will be in a range of different mediums, from photography to poetry to songs and even comic strips. Local Heroes culminated in an evening of celebration at City Hall on Tuesday, November 20th where all 21 portraits were presented together.

Each of the Local Heroes selected is exceptional in what they do. Their stories are inspiring and reflect the spirit, creativity, and dynamic nature of the city they call home. Examples include improving the rights and living circumstances of those in Direct Provision; providing support and meals to the homeless and those suffering with addiction; offering access to much needed cultural and creative outlets; and working tirelessly to host festivals, events, classes and tournaments that unite groups and actively include others in celebrating the cultural diversity of Dublin.

Commenting on the project, Chief Executive of Dublin City Council Culture Company Iseult Byrne said:​ “We are out and about across the city connecting with people through culture and conversation. Through this, we have come across many people doing amazing work within their community. These 21 individuals are some such people and we are delighted to recognise and celebrate them through this project. We hope we will find and celebrate more of these local heroes, contributing to the unique character of our city, in the years to come.”

The seven artists are dancer Emma O’Kane, musicians The Pale, poet Kerrie O’Brien, photographer Philip Arneill, animator Una Gildea, illustrator (and more) Neil O’Driscoll, and poet, photographer, and painter Geoff Finan. Our artists have been unveiling the individual artworks to each of the local heroes in their own communities since October, celebrating these individuals and sharing their stories of determination and dedication.


Dublin City Council Culture Company

Dublin City Council Culture Company

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