News | 12 June 2024

Cultural Spaces that connect everything and everyone

Cultural Spaces that connect everything and everyone
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The Culture Company’s approach to collaborating in our spaces and making our spaces available for other organisations to hire and make use of is grounded in culture and connection. We think of our spaces as not just empty rooms but as cultural spaces ripe with potential and possibility for connecting everything and everyone. As part of our Cultural Spaces Strategy we provide spaces for use by cultural individuals, communities and organisations to host events and showcase culture in all its forms.

We value people, culture and place equally. We aim to create spaces for work to be developed, created and shared. To allow further opportunities for the culturally curious to access work and engage with the process of its creation. We also have expertise in developing new audiences and bringing new people to experience culture in ways they have not done so.

Our cultural spaces are hired by a wide array of groups. We look at them under 5 key areas of use:

  • Community
  • Charity
  • Creative
  • Civic
  • Corporate

Community refers to local use by the community in each area that our buildings and spaces are located in. Community groups are as valuable to the Culture Company as the use of our spaces is to them. We regularly review which of our community partners are availing of our spaces to ensure we continue to support as wide a range of groups as possible.

groups are a key component of our Cultural Spaces annually. Charity assists the advancement of culture, science, sports, and the protection of cultural and natural heritage.

Hiring our spaces to Creative projects is a key part of our strategy to embed culture in the everyday life of the city. This can range from exhibitions, rehearsal spaces, development space for creative projects, performances of all artistic disciplines, filming and photography.

bookings range from single organisation or in-house meetings to cross-organisational and public-facing events. Priority is given where feasible to public-facing events in particular to support civic engagement.

hires are ‘for profit’ companies looking to avail of our spaces. They form an important part of our strategy as they allow us to continue to offer reduced rates to other clients like charitable organisations, community groups and creative projects.

Our hires support a diverse cross-section of artists and communities. Our commercial projects support these innovations and allow room for cultural and community groups to access our resources. We focus on creating world class cultural spaces and providing infrastructure for culture that reflect the highest of standards and best practice.

Our team is the most important factor in the success of our Cultural Spaces. We recruit people who are interested in creating spaces, events and experiences that are reflective of the Culture Company and our clients' vision. We offer comprehensive onboarding and ongoing training to ensure that the highest standards are met in our Cultural Spaces.

Sustainability and working in a green way is very close to the heart of the Dublin City Council Culture Company. Cultural Spaces and their offers are developed with sustainability at their core and is part of all event planning. Sustainability as a key focus in our Cultural Spaces offer ensures that our offer resonates with other companies, collaborators and clients of a similar mindset.