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Open call Advisory Group 2024 - 2027 - We want to hear from you

Open call Advisory Group 2024 - 2027 - We want to hear from you
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Are you interested in culture and how it happens in our city?

Dublin City Council Culture Company wishes to create an advisory group to support the development of our work.

If you are willing to give us some of your time to help shape the work that we are doing, please consider expressing your interest in being part of our advisory group.

The group will be asked to provide input into our work in our ongoing engagement programmes and operation of cultural buildings and to work with the Culture Company team to strengthen ideas, make connections and help us to create meaningful cultural experiences for the people of Dublin.

We value people, culture, and place equally. We recognise that everyone is already involved in culture in their own way. We want to activate more and different ways for people to be culturally engaged, and we are looking for people from all walks of life to help and support us to find ways to do this.

The people of Dublin remain at the centre of what we do and to ensure that everyone is represented in the work that we do, we want to hear from a wide range of people with a variety of backgrounds, interests, perspectives and experiences to join our advisory group.

We encourage expressions of interest from people that represent the variety of communities and cultural interests of the city, so if you are involved in community, sport, recreation, the Irish language, the environment, science, heritage, arts or are interested in the work that we do, we would like to hear from you.

We created our first Culture Company advisory group in 2018 and a second group in 2021-2023. Their contribution, insights, knowledge and the variety of experiences which they brought to the development of our work has been invaluable. In 2024 we will develop our new Company strategy to guide our work from 2025 for the next five years. We look forward to listening and learning with the members of this new group on this and other programmes we undertake. .

What does being part of the advisory group involve?

The advisory group role is:

  • To attend and engage in workshops with our team (a maximum of four meetings per year).
  • To act as a sounding board, providing ideas and reactions to the current programme or projects in development.
  • To contribute their experience and expertise, to strengthen the impact and programmes of the Culture Company.
  • To provide guidance and ensure that the development and delivery of programmes and public engagement reflects the needs and expectations of the people of Dublin.
  • To identify opportunities within their own communities and networks which could be relevant to the Culture Company and its activities.
  • To act as an ambassador for the work of the Culture Company and to make new connections for the Culture Company where appropriate.

Term and Meetings

  • The advisory group is an informal, voluntary group and does not have the duties of a formal board.
  • An advisory group member’s term will run for a period of three years.
  • Members are invited to attend a maximum of four workshop-style meetings annually. The location of these meetings will be a city centre location such as 14 Henrietta Street or our cultural community centre in Richmond Barracks. They will be held in the evening, will be of roughly two hours duration, and light refreshments will be provided.
  • The Advisory group can propose new members in order to keep the group full of fresh perspectives and evenly balanced in terms of composition.

Please note that Dublin City Council Culture Company is committed to developing policies and practices ensuring that accessibility, Universal Design and reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities are taken into account. You can read our Universal Design and Accessibility policy here.

Please note that both the museum at 14 Henrietta Street and Richmond Barracks are Part M access compliant. Reasonable accommodation of access requirements will be made for Advisory group members.

Who is eligible to be part of the advisory group?

Our aim is to include a wide range of perspectives on the group. Individuals expressing an interest in the group should meet the following requirements to be considered eligible:

  • Have knowledge or experience in one of the listed areas of cultural activity through your personal or working life: community, science, the environment, the Irish language, sport, recreation, heritage, arts, or similar.
  • Be resident, or working, in Dublin city.

Elected representatives, employees of Dublin City Council or individuals employed or contracted to Dublin City Council Culture Company will not be eligible to take part in this advisory group.

How to express your interest and get in touch with us

If you would like to express your interest in being part of our advisory group please fill out this short form and tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to be involved.

Express your interest in this short form here.

If you have any questions you can contact us at with ‘Advisory group’ in the subject line.

Deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 31 May 2024.

About Dublin City Council Culture Company

Dublin City Council Culture Company runs cultural initiatives and buildings across the city with, and for, the people of Dublin.

We collaborate with people, communities, cultural organisations, businesses, and Dublin City Council to embed cultural experiences and increase cultural participation throughout Dublin.

Dublin City Council Culture Company was incorporated in March 2018. Our vision is for a Dublin where culture connects everyone and everything. Our mission is to connect people through culture and conversation to ignite imaginations and experiences.

Our vision:

A Dublin where culture connects everything and everyone.

Our mission:

Connecting people through culture and conversation to ignite imaginations and experiences.

Our values:

We are led by our values. They guide what we do and how we do it.

Participation: We make culture real. We connect, activate and support people to revel in their imagination and creativity.

Partnership: We know we are stronger together. We are a catalyst, bringing people and organisations together to grow knowledge, understanding and respect.

Relevance: We believe culture is at the heart of human development and quality of life. We aim to embed culture in the everyday life of the city.

Capacity-building: We appreciate learning. We develop and share new ways of working that enable everyone to create more connections to culture.

Quality: We do everything in the best way possible. We find and use knowledge, experience and skills to build impact, quality and sustainability into every project.

Our goals 2019 - 2024:
We have identified five goals - to engage, experiment, learn, share, embed - working with, through and for people in Dublin.