• Our Engagement

    Cultural participation and engagement is at the heart of everything we do. We put people front and centre: the raw material for all our programmes comes from year-round engagement with the people of Dublin. We start with people’s stories, experiences and wishes. We do this in the best way possible by listening, learning and sharing. We are not afraid to try new things.


Our Engagement Programmes

  • 14 Henrietta Street

    When you enter 14 Henrietta Street you’ll experience over 300 years of city life, a journey from its grand Georgian beginnings to the tenement dwellings of its later years. You can join a tour to see the house, hear its stories and discover the layers of Dublin history within its walls, or get involved in a different way through one of our many special events and projects.

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  • Culture Club

    This is a great way to introduce yourself to the cultural places and spaces of our city. Culture Club generally consists of an exhibition or building tour with an informed guide in the company of a small group of fellow city residents, followed by complimentary tea, coffee and chats. Each Culture Club is FREE, open to all, and lasts approximately 2 hours.

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  • Local Heroes

    Local Heroes is a project that aims to, through art, shine a light on some of the people who play a vital but often unsung role in their community. A range of artists, including dancers, musicians, poets, animators, and photographers, were commissioned to create “portraits” of extraordinary Dubliners, people who have made a big impact on their local communities.

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  • Our City Our Books

    We want to know about the books that represent the families, lives and cultures of people who live in Dublin. Through Our City Our Books, we are gathering book titles and recommended reads from Dubliners to compile a reading list that represents the diversity of our city. We’ll be sharing these with you in libraries, around the city and online.

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  • The National Neighbourhood

    We want every neighbourhood to know and use their city’s cultural resources so we build cultural projects in community settings. We connect artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places to deepen their understanding of each other and themselves.

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  • Tea & Chats

    Tea and Chats is exactly what it sounds like: we facilitate conversations in communities all over Dublin, and the ideas collected and stories shared are the starting point for our cultural projects. We do Tea and Chats every week throughout the city.

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  • Cruinniú na nÓg 2018

    Dublin City Council Culture Company piloted a day of creativity for children in the Dublin City area on behalf of Dublin City Council in June 2018. Cruinniú na nÓg is an initiative by Creative Ireland, a day of creativity for children and young people, which first took place on June 23rd 2018. The programme of events developed by Dublin City Council Culture Company in 2018  involved over 72 individual artists across 150 events in 25 of Dublin’s neighbourhoods, and prioritised activities that enabled young people to access creativity where they live, in their communities, with their friends and family.

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  • Our Research

    We are a testbed for cultural ideas. We invest in research programmes that help develop skills in cultural and social arenas. Our research takes many different forms, from partnerships with universities to artist-led action research. We want to document impacts, share learnings and add knowledge to build a sustainable and culturally confident city.


Our Research Programmes

  • Culture Near You

    We are developing a dynamic database and online map of the city’s cultural information. As well as informing policy-makers in decisions about the future of the city, it will give residents cultural choices, tell their stories and define the heart of our urban communities.

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  • Engage the City

    Engage the City is an artist-led action research programme. The programme creates the conditions for artists and community members to learn, participate and grow through workshops and cultural engagement, and to ensure that the impact and legacy of the programme is captured and developed for future use.

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  • Our Capacity-Building

    We try to develop skills and activate new ways of working so more people can create more cultural opportunities. Our aim is to strengthen and support the city’s cultural and community sectors by giving them skills that expand their own impact and legacy.


Our Capacity Building Programmes

  • EU Lab

    The EU Lab is a research programme developed to to connect Dublin’s ideas and innovations with European partners for the benefit of all. We find and match partners with common interests to help them build projects and source European funding. We assist in putting together complex applications, provide training about EU systems and help Dublin City forge productive cultural European partnerships.

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  • Fundraising Fellowship Dublin

    Through this programme, developed in partnership with Business to Arts, we gave four Dublin cultural organisations the skills and confidence to fundraise. As part of the fellowship, we offered part funding towards the employment of full-time fundraising human resources and a structured programme of fundraising training and mentorship, which they then shared on to community groups.

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