This is truly an opportune moment for us to engage communities at the intersection between art and sport … Chinedum Muotto, artist in residence, Creative Residency in Art and Sport

This Creative Residency programme, a partnership between Dublin City Council Culture Company and Dublin City Sport & Wellbeing Partnership, provides an opportunity for five artists to work collaboratively with a sports club each, and with its members and the wider club community.

The five artists selected are Chinedum Muotto who works in poetry, visual, performance and theatre; visual artist, facilitator and theatre maker Áine O’Hara; visual artist Sharon Kelly; actor, writer and theatre-maker Timmy Creed; and Karen Aguiar who works through dance and movement.

At the end of their Residency, each artist will create and present new work which explores the theme of art and sport.

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This Creative Residency is made by Dublin City Council Culture Company in partnership with the Dublin City Sports & Wellbeing Partnership.

The Creative Residency programme creates partnerships to try out ideas, test new approaches and add to the cultural story of the city. Made by Dublin City Council Culture Company, the Creative Residencies encourage makers and experts to pilot new partnerships with organisations. By bringing creative people and organisations together, and by connecting through culture and conversation, we will develop and share new ways of working.