Culture Near You will constantly grow and evolve, creating a dynamic database of the city’s cultural infrastructure and assets

Cultural information about the city on the map includes: arts and heritage, parks and nature, sport and fitness, food, hobbies, community involvement and education, as well as artists and makers who call Dublin home.

This intelligence project is also a public resource, a website called Culture Near You, that makes the city’s cultural buildings, organisations and networks easier to find and connect with.

The Cultural Map and Audit works within the existing mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) of Dublin City Council. It was developed using a ‘cultural mapping’ process and the public are invited to add to and update this data via Culture Near You.

This dynamic database will continue to grow and evolve, organising information and tracking changes in the cultural landscape of the city.

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Made by Dublin City Council Culture Company in partnership with Dublin City Council to deliver Priority 2(4) and 3(1) of the Dublin City Cultural Strategy (2016-2021).