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Finding winter light through poetry

Finding winter light through poetry
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Earlier this year, three very special poetry and haiku workshops took place in Richmond Barracks.

Twenty-four participants from across the city took part in these sessions which were facilitated by poets Colm Keegan, Enda Wyley and Maeve O’Sullivan. (Participants came from Dublin City Council Culture Company’s The National Neighbourhood programme, or had previously taken writing classes in Richmond Barracks.)

Responding to themes of winter, Christmas, community and Dublin, the emerging writers in the group set to work and a series of poems and haikus depicting our wintery city evolved.

Some poems conjure the Dublin of old with its cobbled streets, while others recount the unusual sights we’ve become used to in 2020 that we never could have imagined a year ago. There are flashes of unexpected city delights too - of nature in surprising places, the joy of a cup of tea and a woolly jumper, and a theme of light emerged as a common thread throughout these works.

From soft candlelight and roaring log fires to the moonlight, and even the Christmas lights we’re all hanging up with a bit more determination this year - these poems capture the essence of Dublin in 2020.

Once the participants shared their work, Enda Wyley edited the poems to produce a collaborative group work by these participants. Illustrator Laura Dowling animated the collaborative poem while Patrick O' Laoghaire of I Have A Tribe provided music to create a video called Winter Light.

Winter Light showcases not only the creativity of all those involved but serves as a reminder of Dublin as a resilient place where the light always manages to appear.

Thanks to all our workshop participants: Bernadette Barrington, Alexandra Bideaua, Ruby Ann-Marie Butler, Margarita Vasquez Cardenas, Colette Casey, Mary Conway, Robert Cullen, Aaron Dowling, Jade Connell Carroll, April Cronin, Suzanne Donnelly, Helen Dredge, Helen Goodman, Jean Harrison, Áine Hayden, Jo Kennedy, Martina Kearney, Monica Kennedy, Ann Kinsella, Margaret Mason, Mary Matthews, Kristina McElroy, Evan Musgrave, David Tracey.

Well done to all involved. You can view all of the poems and haikus here.

These poetry workshops were a Dublin City Council Culture Company creative engagement programme for Winter Lights, a Dublin City Council event.