News, Stories | 14 June 2021

Getting to know the people of Dublin with Tea & Chats

Getting to know the people of Dublin with Tea & Chats
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Tea & Chats is part of our programme of year-round conversations with the people of Dublin. We want to know what’s important to you about your neighbourhood, your community and your life in Dublin.

Below, Danielle Breslin and Sinéad White from the team tell us about their recent experience of Tea & Chats. Read on to find out more and discover how you can get involved.

Tea & Chats is all about having informal and open conversations, sharing cups of tea (and biscuits!), and connecting with people across the city to find out what matters to them. By listening and connecting, we can build relationships, collaborate and suggest ways for people to embark on their own cultural adventures. This ongoing consultation process guides our work and ensures that the people of Dublin remain at the centre of all that we do.

During the past few months, we have been connecting online with a variety of different people and groups across Dublin through our Tea & Chats Programme.

Book clubs, bingo, and beyond

While Covid has presented many challenges that affect the different ways we can come together and do the things that we enjoy, we have been inspired by learning about how people have adapted their interests and social interactions to online formats. From book clubs to bingo, dance to history, cooking classes and choir practice, it is fantastic to see that people are not only continuing to do the things they love but also trying out new ways of exploring their creativity. We have also noticed the tremendous efforts that people have been making to learn new digital skills, and we have been focusing on supporting digital access across the communities that we have been engaging with.

A Dublin for all

Another silver lining to the Tea & Chats programme moving online has been that we have had the chance to connect with people who we may not have been able to meet with in person. In many cases, online formats allow for greater accessibility and we are eager to see how we can maintain this accessibility as we move towards a post-pandemic future. We are really keen to connect with more communities who want to make Dublin a more accessible city for everyone and would love to invite you to have a chat with us if that is a topic of focus for you.

Community chats and connections

We have been meeting with both local community groups and resident associations, while also getting to know LGBTQI+ community groups, those focused on environment and cultural integration, along with transition year students and youth workers. We have also spoken with members of choirs, book clubs, dance collectives and men’s sheds. Across these conversations, there have been many different perspectives, hopes and concerns about the city.

However, some common threads weaved throughout our conversations have been a desire to forge connections and dialogue across different communities and cultures, a belief in the importance of a sustainable city that supports the social, economic and cultural needs of all its inhabitants equally, and hopes for more space and amenities throughout the city for people to enjoy.

Get involved

Tea & Chats is the first point of contact between Dublin City Council Culture Company and communities across the city. In the coming months, we hope to engage more with people who are passionate about sports and who would like to share their perspectives with us. We are also excited to get to know communities across the city and to find out what matters most to them.

If you are part of any group, social, cultural or community-based in these areas, we would love to hear from you and invite you for Tea & Chats.

If you are interested in taking part in our Tea & Chats programme, drop us an email at We hope that we will soon be able to return to meeting people in person, but in the meantime we will be glad to support you in connecting with us online and are looking forward to meeting you.

Take care,

Dani and Sinéad

Tea & Chats Team