News | 21 January 2021

Welcoming new team members

Willow weaving at Fairview Park. Photo: Ruth Medjber

Willow weaving at Fairview Park. Photo: Ruth Medjber

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Welcome to our new team members.

If the last year has shown us anything it’s just how vital access to culture is, in connecting us to the place where we live.

In recent months I’m delighted that we have been able to welcome several new members to our team, strengthening our commitment to increasing cultural participation and embedding cultural experiences into the lives of all who call Dublin home.

Our team is made up of people with a wide range of skills, backgrounds and experiences, working across a range of areas. Our programmes are responsive, developed from year-round conversations with you, the people of Dublin.

Led by our values we have created a team that works together to create opportunities for access to culture in many different ways. Through the work of our various departments you can visit cultural buildings (Visitor Experience Department), learn more about the history and the people of Dublin (Visitor Engagement Department), make, create and do things with us (Creative Engagement Department), and try out new ideas (Project Development Department).

But we don’t work alone. We develop partnerships and local connections to work collaboratively with organisations, communities, artists, historians, gardeners and more. It is by channeling this diverse combination of skills that we can create opportunities for people to see and make culture in the city.

Growing and refining our team is helping us further this work. So I’d like to welcome our new team members - together we look forward to connecting with even more people through culture and conversation and finding new ways for the people of Dublin to participate, collaborate, and create together in 2021.

Iseult Byrne

CEO, Dublin City Council Culture Company

Upcoming opportunities

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