Stories | 20 August 2020

We've launched a new Creative Residency - the first Historian-in-Residence for Children

History in the Making, Dublin's first Historian-in-Residence for Children launches in Richmond Barracks. Photo: Mark Stedman

History in the Making, Dublin's first Historian-in-Residence for Children launches in Richmond Barracks. Photo: Mark Stedman

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Dublin City Council Culture Company are delighted to launch Dublin’s first ever Historian-in-Residence for Children, a new Creative Residency, in partnership with Dublin City Library, which will have children and history at its core. We have a real passion for storytelling and the stories that make up social history and the histories of our neighbourhoods.

Through collaboration with children, schools, youth groups and community clubs this residency will allow children to explore local and social history, and will aim to empower the children in their own personal journey of discovery through stories and history. This new residency will aim to create history clubs and programmes made by children to further local curiosity about history, develop new skills amongst the collaborators and have lots of fun discovering new stories from our city along the way.

Aimed at 9 -12 year olds, we are looking for young collaborators to work together with the Historian-in-Residence for Children to create workshops, projects and activities for others.

Taking up her post on September 1st, Dervilia Roche has been appointed the city’s first ever Historian in Residence for Children, and she will work on bringing history to life with children and nurturing a connection to the history of Dublin.

Iseult Byrne, CEO of Dublin City Council Culture Company, said:

"This residency is an invitation to local children to work collaboratively with us, our partners at Dublin City Libraries and Dervilia to uncover their own local history, create their own storytelling of that history, discover new passions and see their ideas and interests reflected in possible programmes created. We are looking forward to seeing what this residency has in store and are excited to see where this journey will take us.”

About Creative Residencies

Creative Residencies is a Dublin City Council Culture Company programme which creates partnerships to try out ideas, test new approaches and add to the city’s cultural vibrancy. We encourage creative and cultural experts in partnership with organisations, to think bigger and expand horizons, informed by the city’s people and places.

Commenting on her appointment as Dublin’s first Historian-In-Residence for Children, Dervilia Roche said "For a long time, I have been interested in how history is interpreted for and by children. Finding and understanding the stories behind our surroundings is both educational and fun but also gives us a sense of meaning and identity. For young people, this is especially valuable. The creation of this Residency is a brilliant step towards this, and it is such a personal honour to participate in it. I hope to create with the children activities and resources, both online and offline, that allow us to interact with history on different levels and in different ways. I am delighted to be working with Dublin City Council Culture Company and Dublin City Libraries - organisations that already do so much to bring together the people of Dublin in appreciation of the city. "

Most of all, I look forward to meeting our young historians!

Get involved

So if you know of any budding young historians, curious chroniclers, or would simply like to know more about experimenting, learning and sharing through history with the Historian-in-Residence for Children, you can get in touch with Dervilia at

The year-long residency is a part of the Dublin City Council Culture Company Creative Residencies programme and is a partnership with Dublin City Libraries.