News | 01 November 2019

What’s at the Heart of Your Village?

What’s at the Heart of Your Village?
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In 2018 and early 2019, we invited community groups from all over the city to get involved with a project called ‘Heart of the Village’ – a chance to literally put your neighbourhood on the map!

The aim of ‘Heart of the Village’ is to gather statements from different groups across Dublin that talk about what lies at the heart of their neighbourhood.

Typically the sessions involve one of our Engagement Officers going to meet the community group in their neighbourhood. Over about forty minutes of chat, we work together to create a statement that best reflects their community. In the end, the group has created a statement on what’s at the heart of their village.

Many of these statements are now visible for everyone to read on Culture Near You, a public-facing website we’ve made that maps information about all kinds of cultural people, groups and places in city neighbourhoods: as well as stories that illuminate those places a bit more.

Would you be interested in thinking and talking about what’s at the heart of your community?
If so, we can come and facilitate a session for you. If this is something you would be interested in, contact us at