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2020 - a year in review

2020 - a year in review
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In March 2020, the world changed and so did we. Along with culture, connection, and conversation, Covid-19, social distancing and Zoom became words we frequently used.

As an organisation committed to connecting communities, 2020 brought a unique challenge of how to bring people together when they were apart, in a time when we needed to feel connected more than ever.

In 2020 we continued to listen, explore and learn with the people of Dublin. Working together we found new ways to stay connected through culture and conversation.

What we do

We connect people and communities through culture and conversation. When people feel connected to their communities, they feel safer and stronger, and are healthier.

Who does it

Governed by an independent Board of Directors and led by a CEO, the teams that bring work of the company to life include Engagement, Creative Engagement, Project Development, Visitor Experience, Communications and Operations.

Teams are supported by Engagement Coordinators, Project Managers, Cultural Producers, Historians, Guides, Artists and Makers.

Teams are also advised by Internal Working Groups, External Working Groups and an Advisory Group.

2020 in numbers

We were awarded 1 European Museum of the Year Award (the Silletto Prize 2020) for our work and community engagement at 14 Henrietta Street

We moved into 1 additional building, Richmond Barracks

We made 1 new Creative Residency, appointing Dublin’s first Historian-in-Residence for Children

We learnt to Zoom and reached 5,872 people online with our programmes

We made things with 5,447 participants

We initiated 124 creative processes with 35 artists and makers

We ran 574 creative workshops and 381 cultural events

We led 160 partnerships with cultural organisations across the city

We launched the Dublin City Cultural Audit & Map, auditing and mapping 3,468 cultural buildings, facilities, organisations, and networks across the city to a live database and a public website called Culture Near You

We began a partnership with 8 European capital cities, to create a series of pilot projects that promote cultural inclusion over the next three years

How we do it

We’re all about people making space for culture in their lives. Culture becomes relevant if you make a connection. Connections come from listening. Our process is based on listening, exploring and learning about what’s important to the people of Dublin, to understand what matters to them.

We have developed and are delivering an infrastructure that not only puts people at the centre of our work but also helps them to really engage and connect with their city.

We identified five goals which we will strive to achieve over the next five years. Working with, through and for people in Dublin, we will ENGAGE, EXPERIMENT, LEARN, SHARE and EMBED culture in the city.

We are led by our VALUES. They guide what we do and how we do it:


We make culture real. We connect, activate and support people to revel in their imagination and creativity.


We know we are stronger together. We are a catalyst, bringing people and organisations together to grow knowledge, understanding and respect.


We believe culture is at the heart of human development and quality of life. We aim to embed culture in the everyday life of the city.


We appreciate learning. We develop and share new ways of working that enable everyone to create more connections to culture.


We do everything in the best way possible. We find and use knowledge, experience and skills to build impact, quality and sustainability into every project.

About us

Dublin City Council Culture Company runs cultural initiatives and buildings across the city with, and for, the people of Dublin. We collaborate with people, communities, cultural organisations, businesses and Dublin City Council to embed cultural experiences and increase cultural participation throughout Dublin.

Dublin City Council Culture Company was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2018, to build on the work of Dublin’s Culture Connects (2016-2018).

Dublin City Council Culture Company
14 Henrietta Street
Dublin 1 D01 HH34
+353 1 524 0346
Company registration no. 662490

2020 - A year in review

Made by artist Steve MacDevitt with music by Counterpoint Music.
Produced by Iseult Bryne and Melanie Wright (Dublin City Council Culture Company).
Inspired by the people and partners who participated in, and helped make our programmes happen.

Thank you to everyone who is connecting, engaging, creating and exploring with us.

#CultureConnects #Dublin

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