The EU Digital COVID Certificate or the HSE Vaccination Card will be the primary evidence used accessing the venue. Other proofs of immunity include COVID-19 Certificates that have been issued by non-EU states.

For these non-EU certificates, they should contain:

  • Confirmation that the person has been vaccinated
  • The date or dates on which the person was vaccinated
  • The state body which either delivered the vaccination programme or is authorised to issue the certificate
  • Where a certificate is not in Irish or English, a translated version may be accepted.
  • You may also be asked for photo ID to prove that the EU Digital COVID Certificate, HSE COVID-19 Vaccination Card or other proof of immunity is yours.

Proof of recovery from Covid-19 is also an acceptable document to gain entry. This information should have been issued by:

  • The Health Service Executive
  • The Health and Safety Authority
  • Comparable international body known to those inspecting the document