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Watch the launch of the Dublin City Cultural Audit & Map

Watch the launch of the Dublin City Cultural Audit & Map
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Did you know that we are culturally mapping the city?

In November 2020, we officially launched the Dublin City Cultural Audit and Map project.

An ambitious intelligence project, the Dublin City Cultural Audit and Map gives city planners dynamic cultural information while they make strategic decisions about Dublin’s future, and gives city residents up-to-date information about cultural people and places in their neighbourhoods through a website called Culture Near You.

This 45 minute virtual event featured brief presentations by the project manager, designers and developers of the map, followed by a Q&A featuring Dublin City Council Information Systems Department, Dublin City Council Culture Company and our project partners IMGS and McCann Dublin.

Recording of the virtual launch of the Dublin City Cultural Audit and Map, 2020.

Culture in the city

Hazel Chu, Lord Mayor of Dublin, welcomed everyone to the virtual launch of this exciting project.

“Culture is a real asset for the people of Dublin, as well as for the city council. It shows Dublin as a very diverse and creative space. We also know that artists and makers can make a real difference to the cities and neighbourhoods that they live in, and this project is a great way of amplifying the artists that live and work in your area.“

I’m personally really excited about how this project can help realise the ambitions of the City Council for planning for culture in the city. Lord Mayor Hazel Chu

I applaud the work of Dublin City Council and the Culture Company in making this ambitious project a reality over the last number of years … I’m really looking forward to making use of it, as an elected representative but also as a resident of the city.”

Chief Executive of Dublin City Council, Owen Keegan, also spoke at the event. He noted the importance of the project in relation to the Dublin City Cultural Strategy (2016 - 2021). As a local authority Dublin City Council has recognised that culture, creativity and the creative industries are central to Dublin’s quality of life, reputation and global competitiveness. The City Council invests heavily in cultural assets for the city in order to safeguard cultural spaces and in order to make culture visible and available to everyone who uses the city. He said:

“To make effective plans for any city, we need to understand as much as possible about the landscape in which we operate. And so this project, developed as a direct result of the City Council’s Cultural Strategy, will add to our knowledge base, directly informing the decisions made by the city council departments and elected members in planning the economic and social development of the city.”

Introducing the event, CEO of the Culture Company, Iseult Byrne, who led the Dublin City Cultural Audit and Map project, said she was delighted to share its origins, and the insights and gains it has already brought.

As Dublin City Council work on its new Dublin City Development Plan, the Cultural Audit and Map project is an invaluable tool in how the local authority plans for the future.

The City’s Development Plan is delivered across all city council departments, and as a result of this project these departments now have access to knowledge and real time data about culture in the city. In addition, planners, strategists and decision makers across the council can now carry out more in depth analysis of this data using the M.App Enterprise Feature Analyser tool.

Watch the launch event

Other speakers on the day included Culture Company project manager Annette Nugent, and Eamonn Rohan, Digital Director with McCann Dublin, who spoke about the human challenge of the project: How to put the user experience at the heart of the project.

Liam O’Loughnan of Dublin City Council GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Ciaran Kirk of data intelligence company IMGS spoke about the organisational challenge of the project: Making this project work for Dublin City Council’s systems and structures.

The Map Moderator Sinéad O’Shaughnessy spoke about the final big challenge of integrity: Making sure the project works in the long term.

Get involved

Don’t forget to visit Culture Near You to discover something new to you in your neighbourhood!

Know something or someone that you think should be included on the map? Let us know by completing the suggest an entry form, or send Sinéad and email at

If you work in Dublin City Council, you can find the Cultural Audit data on Corporate GIS or on the Feature Analyser tool - both found on the intranet. If you have any queries on accessing the data internally, or would like any assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via